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These simple processes set the rules for a vacancy control and minimisation. Every retail shopping centre should have a vacancy control programme incorporating these and other factors of decision. In this way the property can be allowed to perform effectively whilst under the pressure of a vacant area.

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London, England
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Full time, Employee
General secondary (high)
$125 000

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  • Collaborating closely with Investor Relations, operations.
    Each month the program is extended out for the further 24th month and strategies are set for the newly identified issues. The vacancy control program should be a forward looking program that focuses on the next period of 24 months in the shopping center.

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  • Poorly matched tenant mix initiatives within the property to optimize retail sales opportunities.
    Facing the facts of a property vacancy and dealing with them professionally in a timely way, will usually minimize the vacancy downtime. You can then keep the income and outgoings following for the landlord at reasonable levels.

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  • The development of a larger property in the same location that attracts tenants away from your property.
    For this very reason, it pays to have a Vacancy Control Programme (VCP) in your retail property. The vacancy control program should be a forward looking program that focuses on the next period of 24 months in the shopping center.

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Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from a top university, CFA or equivalent credentials are a plus.
Experience articulating complex systematic investment strategies in a straightforward, comprehensible manner.
Verifying compliance of critical networking equipment with policies and requirements.
Experience working with sophisticated institutional investors and managing day to day relationships.
Providing requirements and guidance for internal network separation/segmentation and access control;

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