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surface mount ThermistorsWestern Electronic Components specializes in quality thermistor manufacturing. By working with engineers and designers, we’re able to provide high-grade surface mount thermistors, sensors, temperature components, and related products for different kinds of industrial and high-tech applications. See our full range of products in this website or contact us for information.

Surge current is a result of voltage imbalance that causes a sudden increase in the amount of electrical current that flows within devices. This sudden change may cause equipment failure due to circuit damage within affected devices. Surge current must be generated (internally or externally) to avoid this kind of damage in electronic devices. There are many ways to address problems that stem from large surge current. Many devices make use of built-in surface mount thermistors to regulate current surge, while other devices use thicker wires and surge limiters to help manage large amounts of inrush current. WECC is an authority when it comes to manufacturing and designing highly reliable and technologically advanced formulations of thermistors for different kinds of manufacturing applications.

Surge limiters such as surface mount thermistors and limiting thermistors are heat-sensitive resistors that are designed react to temperature changes within the circuit. They either increase or decrease resistance, which allows the proper flow of surging current within the circuit. Limiting thermistors also work to prevent current build-up, which often causes circuit damage to the system. These devices often heats up during operation and requires cooling down so they can effectively protect the device from the next surge in current. The cool down time replenishes the device’s resistance, allowing it to control the current flow more effectively for the next start-up. If you are looking for high quality thermistor products for your own industrial production, take a look at our products here at WECC, a leading manufacturer of NTC and PTC thermistors since 1988.