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International Sourcing Agents

Are you looking for an international sourcing agent for an electrical product? Arcadia Sourcing is the right company to help you. They are a China sourcing company and China manufacturer based out of Hong Kong, specializing in OEM manufacturing, contract manufacturing services and China export manufacturing.

Arcadia Sourcing has a broad base knowledge of overseas manufacturing of electronics for your requirements. If you’re an inventor or small to medium sized business that needs a reliable China sourcing company, you can trust Arcadia Sourcing to get the job done. They’re the ideal China manufacturing agent for your electrical product.

If you’re interested in producing custom electronics or electrical products, custom LED or LCD products using an overseas manufacturer, Arcadia Sourcing is able to help you save money and assure you of the quality you expect. They can assist with many types of electronics including:

– Powerbanks

– Adaptors

– Telephones

– Tablets

– MP3 players

– Appliances

– and many more items as well.

Arcadia Sourcing’s in-house team of engineers can oversee the entire process, from your product’s conception to the manufacturing process, culminating in careful and timely delivery. As a leading China manufacturing agent for electrical items, Arcadia Sourcing is your one stop shop for sourcing products in Asia.

Are you interested in logistics? Arcadia Sourcing’s trilingual team can communicate in fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese, meaning you don’t have to struggle with a language barrier. Their prime goal is to create, store and ship your custom made products in a cost efficient, timely and professional manner. 

In-house engineers are creative and qualified to take your idea from concept to completion. Their process can be custom tailored to fit your needs. In most cases the logistics will follow this general pattern:

– From your concept to successful prototype: concept to 3D CAD drawing to prototype tooling to prototype

– To production and delivery: molding to production to quality control to shipment

– Finally, shipping to your warehouse: destination to brokerage to domestic delivery to your warehouse

You’ll have full access to in-house engineers who can help with blueprints, structuring the design, manufacturing and finally, making sure that the custom made product is of the highest quality. They can also help with warehousing, shipping and brokerage. As the China manufacturing agent of your electrical product you’ll appreciate the services of a company that is able to do it all. Manufacturing of OEM and custom products often requires the management of multiple factories and subcontractors to ensure quality and idea security. That’s where Arcadia Sourcing’s help can really prove valuable.

For wholesale, custom made products from concept to market, you’ll need a sophisticated China manufacturing agent for your electrical product. Arcadia Sourcing provides an extensive and well-established network throughout Asia and China.

Meet and exceed your custom product manufacturing objectives with Arcadia Sourcing from China. Contact an expert who can answer all of your questions by calling 852-2367-3335. You can also visit online at arcadiasourcing.net to learn more about their process and services. Arcadia Sourcing is the perfect China manufacturing agent for your electrical product.


International Sourcing Agents