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Crane Weight Indicator

Massload is the leading Canadian manufacturer of quality weighing systems. If you want to buy crane weight indicator equipment, we urge you to consider the many high-grade selections we have to offer.

For several years, our company has catered directly to multiple industries’ needs by offering affordable crane weighing solutions. The equipment we provide increases the safety of work personnel and the working environment.

At Massload Technologies, we have an in-house team working continually to introduce custom weighing solutions. In our broad range of available weighing systems, you will find tons of designs with precise accuracy and performance. The following list is a small example of what you will find when shopping at Massload.

  • Clevis Load Pins
  • S-Beam Type Load Cells
  • Floater Scales
  • Hanging Crane Scales
  • Deadline Sensor Scales

By offering accurate crane scale calibration and multiple crane load indicator options, Massload Technologies reigns supreme. Crane indicator customized designs can give your business the boost it needs to edge out its competition.

The Importance of Buying a Crane Weight Scale

One of the most popular crane weighing solutions we offer includes the Tension Link Dynamometer. The Tension Link is unique because it calculates the rope’s tension during lifting or winching. The wire tension rope is nickel-plated alloy steel with an IP-67 sealing standard for protection.

The safe and ultimate overload levels range significantly with multi-point calibration for the best possible performance. Tension measurement displays vary, but the general design is compact to save space.

The Custom Load Pins we offer don’t hog overhead space, and they are notoriously versatile. With stunning accuracy and custom fit mounting, it is easy to see why consumers turn to us for crane indicator solutions.

 One direction loading or side loading remains the only safe loading options with custom pins, but that is the only potentially damaging feature. All of the products from Massload Technologies are affordable, durable, and efficient.

Hanging Crane Scale With Digital LED Display

Massload Technologies proudly offers a Hanging Crane Scale that comes with LED digital displays. The measurement calculations are adjustable with large, easy to read information panels.

Remote fob operation and this unit’s mobility help it stand out as an indicator option for many operators. Shackles and hooks come included with the purchase price of the Hanging Crane scale.

The load cell has an S-Type switch that comes in handy during many types of weighing applications. In terms of price, this model reigns as economical and budget-friendly for just about everyone.

Floater Crane Scale and Deadline Sensors

Massload has floater crane scales that determine cable tension by calculating the roller’s force of minimal deflections. The Floater’s arm locks to an anchor to prevent movements that can create safety problems. The Deadline Sensor offers accurate measurements of strain gauges, and it operates well in harsh environments and conditions.

There has never been a better time to contact Massload to learn how we can offer assistance. For the best weighing solutions and customizations, please dial 1-800-667-3825 to speak with our customer support team. Our staff will review all potential options that match your budget.

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Crane Weight Indicator

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